The Dreaded McDonald’s

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So I’m sitting here on a Tuesday night, eating carrots out of a can and watching The Voice.  Today, I battled with myself the entire drive home from work on whether or not I was going to hit a McDonald’s drive thru.  Well, I did.  I got some chicken nuggets, fries, and a Sprite.  I feel so guilty every single time I cave in and do that.  I have to do a food log for my personal trainer, and every time I have to enter in something like this I feel like he’s going to judge me (although I know he won’t because he’s such a nice guy).

Calorie Counter iPhone App

*I have an awesome app on my iPhone called “Calorie Counter.”  It’s pretty cool because it was free and allows you to track you calories, carbs, protein, sodium, and exercise.  It can also scan barcodes which I think is awesome, as well as a really cool search feature.  I really recommend it to anyone who wants to make themself more aware of what they are eating.*

Anyway, so after I got home and basically shoveled in the Mickey D’s, I sat on the couch thinking about how stupid I was for giving in so easily and my terrible lack of self control.  It didn’t help that I couldn’t stop punishing myself for doing so wrong, that I almost had some ice cream as if that would somehow cure the pain.  Thankfully, and to show some self restraint, I did Zumba on my Kinect for 45 minutes which really kicked my butt and made me feel a bit better about my stupid choice.  Then I had canned carrots for desert, which is a better choice than ice cream would be.  I’ve had about 1,800 calories today, 72.5 grams of fat, 212 carbs, and only 49 grams of protein.  I hate that I did so poorly today with my eating, but at least my calorie intake was below 2,000 and I did exercise for a while today.

I have to remember not to beat myself up every time I make a bad decision food wise.  I’m going to slip up because I’m no where near perfect.  But, realizing that I made the mistake and doing something to somewhat make up for it is a step in the right direction.  Only a week and a half left of training until my friend comes to visit for 2 weeks.  Hopefully I can remain down the 1.5lbs I lost this past week.  Wish me luck!  And good luck to anyone who might be taking this venture as well.

– Becca =)


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